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The "International CLIMS Camp" (ICC) was established by the CLIMS member nations in 2003. The aim is to bring together young people for a two-week camp where they can live in mixed groups sharing common activities, and develop a mutual understanding and tolerance. The youth camp is held annually and hosted by one of the CLIMS member nations. The aim of the International CLIMS Camp is to encourage young people from the age of 15 to 18 from families of military and civilian personnel of the CLIMS member nations to take an active part in an international youth program.

Its objectives include:
► encourage young people to find out about, become aware of, and recognize the value of cultural diversity;
► provide opportunities for ICC participants to live together in mixed nationality groups by respecting the Code of Conduct established by the CLIMS;
► encourage participation in group decision-making and team development;
► enable young people to learn and develop new skills;
► make young people aware of equal opportunities for all men and women.

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